General FAQs

General FAQs

What is Stayy with Hostmaker?
Stayy is a new home sharing platform from Hostmaker, a London-based homestay property management company. This is a Beta experience; we would love your feedback to make your experience even better. If you have suggestions, please email us at
How is Stayy different than other home sharing experiences?
Every home listed on Stayy is vetted and reviewed by our hospitality experts. Properties meet our safety, security and design standards before they are listed on Stayy with Hostmaker and we provide 24/7 support to our guests during their stay. We also strive to make travel easy and stress-free for our guests through offering in-person check-in; wi-fi; premium bed linens and fluffy white towels - all expertly laundered; bathroom amenities; cooking essentials; and child-friendly items, such as high chairs and travel cribs.
Who is Hostmaker?
Hostmaker is a homestay property management company that offers design, maintenance, and management services to homeowners wishing to list their homes on home-rental sites. Based out of London, they currently manage 2000+ homes internationally.
What is a Welcome Wizard?
Welcome Wizards are responsible for meeting you for the initial home check-in. They’ll make sure you don’t have any trouble finding the home and getting settled once you arrive. Our Wizards are also neighbourhood experts, happy to give their best recommendations for the city’s “must see” sites, restaurants, and experiences.
Where are Stayy homes located?
Stayy homes are located all over the world - currently in London, Barcelona, Paris, Rome, Bangkok, and more cities to come soon!
What about Local Taxes?
Local tax policies differ by city. For cities other than Rome, where applicable, taxes will be calculated and paid during the booking process when guests are in communication with our reservations team. For Rome, city tax will be collected in cash at the personal check-in.
For long term stays (over 6 months), the tenant will usually be responsible for city taxes - this will be confirmed during the reservation process
What About Bills, Deposits And other costs for longer stays?
Cleaning costs, VAT and service costs are included in the listed price on the website. For deposits, condition reports and utility bills, our policy differs by city:
For stays up to 6 months, utility bills are included in the listed price. For long term stays over 6 months - tenants will be responsible for bills and taxes, unless agreed during the booking process to be inclusive with the guest and host.
For stays of 1-3 months, cleaning costs, condition reports and a deposit are usually required, however this differs by city. These are not included in the listed price and will be communicated when the guest is in contact with our reservations team.
For specific information about costs related to stays of 1 month+ in London from 1st June 2019, and how these differ according to the length of stay, please see the below link.

Additional tenancy information for London
How long can I book for?
You can stay for long or as little as you like, subject to local laws applicable to Stayy homes. In Bangkok, you are able to book a minimum length of 30 nights.
Are bills included?
Bills are included for short and mid-term stays up to 6 months. For stays over 6 months, bills can be included or excluded - at the discretion of the guest.
In Bangkok, bills are included within a monthly estimated limit, which depends on the property size: ฿3000 for 1 bedroom homes, ฿4000 for 2 bedrooms homes and ฿5000 for homes with 3 or more bedrooms. Charges over and above the limit, verified by readings, will be chargeable to the guest at the end of their stay.
What are the check-in And check-out times?
Each home has a preferred check-in time of 3PM or after; however, we understand that everyone arrives at different times - that is one of the main benefits of our Welcome Wizards! Whatever time you plan to arrive - even if it’s 4AM! - we can arrange for them to be ready in the home waiting for you, just let us know the time in advance. Our Welcome Wizards are there to meet you for key exchange, and to share with you the fundamentals of the home (wifi network, password, utilities, etc.). After you book your home, you’ll receive an email that will ask for your arrival details. To ensure a smooth check-in process, please reply back to that email so we can ensure your Welcome Wizard has all of the details of your arrival. Additionally, you’ll receive an email 24 hours in advance of your arrival with the contact information of your Welcome Wizard to help you further coordinate. Standard check-out time is 11AM (10AM for Rome). Late check-out can be arranged with our service team, subject to availability. Note we will only be able to confirm late check-out one day before departure. Please contact us using the contact details we share with you after booking.
What if I need to change my check-in time?
If you wish to change your check-in time and it is 24 hours + before your originally scheduled arrival, just reply to the email you receive from us regarding your arrival details and let us know about your new request. We will respond promptly and do our best to accommodate your request. If your check-in date is less than a day away, reach out to your Welcome Wizard using the contact information emailed to you - they are always happy to work with you directly to find the best possible solution.
If arrive before my check-in time can I drop by bag somewhere?
Early bag drop is available upon request from 11AM to 3PM on the day of your arrival. To request this service, just reply to the email you receive from us regarding your arrival details.
When will you have reviews of your homes?
Stayy is a new website providing direct booking of Hostmaker managed homes, which means we do not have reviews from our guests yet. However, many of these homes have been managed by Hostmaker for many months or years and we have hosted over 200,000 happy guests to date! As the platform develops, we will be introducing guest reviews. Additionally, as this is a Beta experience, we would love your feedback to make the Stayy experience even better. If you have suggestions, please email us at
How frequently is housekeeping provided?
Professional housekeepers do a full service clean of every property before a new guest arrives, which includes making the bed up with fresh linens and providing completely fresh bathroom amenities. Mid-stay housekeeping is available for an extra fee, and can be purchased during home booking or requested during your stay by contacting us using the contact details we provide you after booking.
What comes with every home?
Although Stayy with Hostmaker boasts a diverse offering of unique and beautiful properties, we believe certain fundamentals are necessary for your comfort and convenience. Every Stayy home is guaranteed to include:
  • 24/7 support for in-stay issues (e.g. lost keys, issues with appliances, etc.)
  • In-person check-in
  • High Speed Wifi
  • Full kitchen and cooking basics
  • Fresh White Bed Linens
  • Oversized White Towels
  • Iron & Ironing board
  • Bathroom Amenities
  • Hair Dryer
  • Heating
  • Professional cleaning pre and post stay
What If I need extra towels or toiletries after I check-in?
If you need extra towels or toiletries after you check-in, contact us using the contact details we share with you post booking.
Can I list my home on Stayy with Hostmaker?
We would love to consider your home! Please visit Hostmaker’s site here to learn more.
Is available in any other languages besides English?
Currently, our site and support is offered only in English but we are beavering away to localise the language into all our operating markets. If you have specific language needs, please email
Who do I call or email if I have questions about my home or reservation?
For any questions about your home or stay, please contact us using the contact details we share with you post booking.
Who do I contact if there are appliance issues within the home during my stay?
For any issues related to appliances or other matters of the home, please contact us using the contact details we send you post booking. A team of fast and responsive respondents will be able to take care of issues within 24-72 hour timeframe, depending upon the issue.
Who am I booking with for my stay?
Your booking is with Stayy, which is managed by Hostmaker - a homestay property management company.
Is VAT included?
Yes, all fees and charges will be collected by Stayy with Hostmaker and will be inclusive of VAT.
What If I Want To Extend My Stay?
If the property is available, you can book and pay for additional nights - if you’d like to extend your stay, just contact us using the contact details we share with you post booking.
What is the cancellation policy?
To cancel your existing booking, please contact us using the contact details we share with you post booking. Please note that refunds can take up to 7 days.

For stays up to 27 nights, the cancellation policy is:
  • 100% refund – If canceled at least 30 days prior to check-in date and within 48 hours of receiving booking confirmation
  • 50% refund – if canceled 7 or more days prior to check-in date
  • 0% refund – if canceled within 7 days of check-in date

For stays over 27 nights the cancellation terms might depend on the specific agreement with the host, on the length of the requested stay, and on city local regulations.
Our team will be able to provide you with all the cancellation details for the home you request to book for.
What happens if something gets damaged in the home during my stay?
We ask that you take care of our homes as if they were yours, but we know that sometimes, things can happen. For damages that occur on stay, please report to Hostmaker using the contact details shared with you after booking. We will also assess the state of the home at the end of each stay to make sure that it is left in as wonderful condition as it was at the beginning. Please note we do reserve the right to charge for damages to the host that are over £200. Should there be significant discrepancies regarding the departure state of the home versus arrival state related to damages, we will use our discretion to contact guests directly.



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